Tuesday, February 11, 2014

GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown circle lenses review

Hello there!

I finally got to write the anticipated review on GEO Princess Mimi lenses I bought just a few weeks ago. I have to say I'm a huuuge lens noobie: I'm new to circle lenses (these are my first) and pretty new to contact lenses in general. So if you're thinking about buying yourself a first pair, this review is definitely for you.

I got my pair from Pinky Paradise, which is one of the biggest and most recommended circle lens reseller. When buying circle lenses, you have to pay attention to many factors such as prescription, diameter, structure and so on. Because I had no experience, I referred mostly to my regular lenses. In the end, I chose these because:

- the diameter is 15mm, which is big (which is what you aim for when buying circle lenses), but not huge (14mm are my regular lenses; 14.2 to 15 is considered a standard circle lens diameter)
- they were similar in composition to my regular lenses
- they have 1 year lifespan
- GEO has an anti-fake system to make sure you're wearing an original - yay for safety

Shipping from Pinky Paradise was $6, which is not bad, plus you get a free animal case with every pair of lenses. It took about 2 weeks for the order to arrrive.

The lenses came in these little bottles, sealed and everything. In the picture, one of the bottles is already open, that's because I opened it before taking the picture.

After opening the bottles, you have to take the lenses out, put them into your contact lens solution and leave them like that for 8 hours before you put them in your eyes. 

Here are my lenses ready to wear

I got the Chocolate Brown version of these lenses and I think the color is really beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I was aiming for something very cute, because my natural eye color is (sometimes really bright) green and (maybe it's just my subjective opinion) it makes my eyes look sassy and kind of evil, which is not suitable for my otherwise cute style.

The dark chocolate brown color of the lenses covers my green pretty well and the lenses with the right makeup on make my eyes look much bigger and cuter. BUT bear in mind the makeup! These are not made for daily use and they require some heavier eye makeup, otherwise they tend to look a bit creepy!!!

Here is a picture for comparison: my natural color, one lens in and both lenses in.

I have very small pupils in this pic because I was looking into the light while taking it. Otherwise, my natural eyecolor isn't visible at all. The lenses really blend in nicely.

The lenses are pretty comfortable to wear, but I can feel the difference between these, my regular lenses and no lenses at all. My eyes are very sensitive and they sometimes do get irritated with the lenses but on the other hand, I wore them to a prom party and I completely forgot I was wearing them, so it probably depends on the situation.

And a funny picture in the end. I wore the lenses to school to get used to them, but I wore wrong makeup and I continued creeping the hell out of my classmates. So one of my friends got the silly idea "what would happen If i put your picture into the "glam me" app? Yup, one of it's features is eye enlargement.

Well, this is the outcome:

I hope this review was useful to you guys! If you have any questions, just ask!
Thanks for reading<3


  1. This circle lens are very dolly and has a very strong color, I orefer more natural circle lens thanks for your detailed review!

    I want invite you to join to my Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Giveaway!

  2. Nice review! You look beautiful! : )

    ✿ Rinako ✿

  3. I really love these lens, I have brown eyes and I'd like to take greeen lens but my concern is that the effect is not natural :(
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and yes, I'd like to follow each other, so I'm your new follower on GFC. Would you also follow each other on Facebook? :)
    let me know.

    J'aime les feuilles rouges
    xoxo Marta

  4. Jo nad těmito jsem taky přemýšlela, ale pak mě to zas opustilo. 15mm jsou fakt velký, ale proč bysme si kupovali přirozený čočky co? Na pinky paradise si myslím, že to mají zbytečně předražený..hlavně že tam mají nálepku GEO..mají tam malý výběr a nemají to aktualizovaný..

    1. přirozený čočky jsem fakt nechtěla, to by byly vyhozený peníze :D no vím že pinkyparadise není nejlepší, ale zase je to prověřený tak jsem chtěla spíš hrát na jistotu... a 15 mm mi přijde v pohodě, ale do větších bych už asi nešla :D

  5. Love this post! You look beautiful!


  6. Amazing eyes colour <3 I want to buy totaly blue colour. I love your blog. I am your new follower on GFC now. You can follow me too if you like. :)

    1. thank you dear! <3 followed you back, your blog is really nice!

  7. i prefer your natural eyes


    1. haha thank you :) as i said, i really like my natural eyes as well, its not like i wanna hide my natural colour ;) but sometimes i just like some change ;)

  8. This was very useful honey :)

    I'm flying to America tomorrow!
    Find out more at lovefromsimmie.com ♥

    Stay beautiful doll. XOXO

    1. thanks Simmie! hope youre gonna have fun! definitely going to check out your blog right now `]

  9. Oh love them! They look so lovely on you!! Sure, let's follow each other :)


  10. awesome! I like your blog ❤
    I would be happy if we could follow each other??
    Let me know :)


    1. i left a comment on your blog ;) thanks!

  11. you look adorable cute with this lens ^^
    anyway, I've already followed your blog ♥

    1. awww thank you dear ;3 followed you back

  12. I actually like more your natural color eyes! but chocolate brown looks great on you too!
    i'm following your blog with bloglovin because i don't know why i can't follow on gfc :/

    SHE WALKS Blog

  13. Sure I'd love to follow each other. Following you now on gfc, hope you follow back ;)


  14. miluju takovýhle čočky! sama vlastním několik párů různých barev a nosím je opravdu často. :3

  15. Aw, these look lovely on you dear! I just ordered my Princess Mimi Apple Green last night. Followed you on BL <3 ^ ^


  16. One of my favorite lenses ^_^ except I have Apple green haha~

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