Sunday, March 9, 2014

❁ Etude House - Rosy Tint Lips review ❁

Some time ago I promised reviews. I guess it's about the time to do what I promised~!

Rosy Tint Lips is a collection of tints inspired by roses by Etude House.

I purchased this tint simply to expand my lips product collection because I still have the feeling there are many lipstick shades I need and lack. This product caught my attention for its rich colors and matteness. And when I finally got it, it immediately became my most favorite and most hated beauty product at the same time. 

I got the shade #8 - After Blossom. It's a really beautiful and interesting deep pink/purple color (probably closest to fuchsia??) and it looks exactly like in the picture. It comes in a tube with a soft applicator in the end. And that's the biggest problem of this product and the reason why I hate it. The. Bloody. Application.

First of all, the tube is made of a fairly thick plastic which is certainly good in preventing the tube from breaking or being damaged, but it makes it incredibly hard to get the tint out of the tube in the first place. When you finally manage to get some small amount out, you have to apply it immediately on your lips or it could happen that the tube would "suck" it back in. The application itself is also quite unpleasant - the soft applicator is quite wide and it's impossible to create a sharp line with it. If you don't use a liner (which I don't because I haven't seen any in this color), your lips will always be a bit blurry.

On the other hand, the tint itself is quite amazing. The color is beautiful, it's very opaque and matte, long lasting, smells like roses and everything about it is just lovely. It does not moisturize your lips at all, but it does not make them dry as well.  According to Etude House, it can be used either on whole lips or to create a gradient, although I have to admit I've never actually tried the latter with it. Apart from this shade (which I find one of the most beautiful lipstick/tint/gloss shades I've ever had the chance to wear) it comes in 7 other shades of red and pink. 

Overall impression: Love the product, hate the application process. Not sure if it is worth repurchasing. I'll just hope that by the time I'm finished with this, EH would have made something similar in a different package.

Hope my review was somehow helpful!
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  1. Je to fakt krásná barva a pokud tedy nevysušuje tak super *_* jen to nanášení vypadá dost zajímavě :D

  2. Can't believe how pigmented it is!! Would you like to follow each other? x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  3. Tak krásná jasná barva! Etude House op2t nezklamalo... ^o^

  4. The application really is terrible. I've never come across this type of packaging that's impossible to squeeze. The colour is lovely though, but it doesn't last that long on my lips unfortunately :(

    1. that's a pity! it lasts fairly long for me

  5. such a pitty that he bottle doesn't really work, als the color is absolutely beautiful!

    xxx Anna
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  7. ... when packaging innovation doesn't work. Maybe you could squeeze it onto something and then put it on by lipstick brush? Not that it is the easiest way, but it could work. =D The colour is really lovely though.

  8. Just followed ur blog, i can't see that u r already follow me. Please do follback

  9. such a nice color!your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too<3


  10. I really love etude house and is really pretty!!!

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